My most popular treatment by far. Fine lines and wrinkles that appear in the upper part of our face as we age can be treated effectively by injections commonly referred to as BOTOX ®

The BOTOX ® injections work by restricting the movement of the facial muscles that are targeted and therefore preventing the lines and wrinkles forming. It is a common misconception that your face will appear frozen and unable to move, this normally means too much BOTOX ® has been injected and possibly in the wrong area. Done correctly you can expect fantastic results from BOTOX ® facial injections.

BOTOX ® also has other uses such as helping patients with migraines, sweat problems and even ‘gummy smiles’.

BOTOX ® is a prescription medicine that can only be prescribed by a qualified prescriber. If you are considering BOTOX ® treatment as a solution to your areas of concern then you must choose a professional who is suitably qualified to prescribe and then administer the injections. If you have any doubts then call Aston Aesthetics, I am fully qualified to both prescribe and treat patients at my clinic in Aston Clinton.

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I am passionately dedicated to creating and sculpting your perfect lips. Gone are the days of ridiculous looking “sausages” that are clearly fake and if this is the look you desire then I am afraid I cannot help you.  I create soft, natural and beautiful looking lips that you will be proud of.

By injecting different parts of the face and lips at different densities and in well placed areas I can sculpt a gentle and natural shape into the lip, cupid’s bow and philtrum to leave your lips looking youthful, hydrated and volumised.  During this process I can reduce the appearance of any small lines and wrinkles that form around the lip area too.

I cannot stress enough the skill and expertise involved in lip injections and you should ensure that you are happy the practitioner you choose has the knowledge, the training and the ability. I have “put right” enough sets of previously injected lips to know that there is people out there not choosing the right person. Contact Aston Aesthetics today to arrange your free Lip Fillers consultation.

Medical Needling is a minimal invasive treatment concept which provides an improvement of the skin texture. The Dermaroller is a medical roller equipped with hundreds of sterilized micro needles which then produce thousands of microscopic needle holes in the dermis, stimulating your skin to generate new cells and produce new collagen and elastin. This medical treatment should be solely administered by trained medical staff only, this is not to be confused with similar sounding home treatments that are available.

I only use the genuine Dermaroller treatment for optimum results and find it is particularly effective in improving the appearance of acne and stretch marks as well as revitalising tired skin that has lost its smoothness.

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