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I am always happy to answer your questions, no matter how silly you may think they sound.

You are welcome to call, email or of course visit me at the Aston Aesthetics clinic in Aston Clinton for a free, no obligation consultation.

I have compiled here some questions I am frequently asked about Botox and Dermal Filler treatments, but if in doubt please contact me.

What is the difference between Botox and Fillers?

As a general rule Botox is used to reduce the activity of muscles in the face that cause wrinkles and dermal fillers are used to directly fill lines and wrinkles where there is a loss of volume to the skin.

Botox is generally administered in the upper parts of the face and dermal fillers in the lower.

What exactly are fillers and are they safe?

At Aston Aesthetics we only use Juvederm products which is an FDA approved filler and the market leader.

Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in our body. This hyaluronic acid is in our skin and therefore our immune system is very unlikely to react and cause problems, this is a key factor and makes fillers completely safe.

How long does Botox and fillers last for?

Juvederm fillers usually last between 6 and 12 months depending on your product choice. The Vycross range contains cross linked hyaluronic acid which has been shown to last longer than the alternative Ultra range, often lasting up to 12-18 months.

Individual results will vary depending on metabolism and lifestyle factors such as smoking and UV exposure.

Botox usually lasts up to 4 months. Research has shown that it is the case for both Botox and fillers that continued treatments lengthen the effects.

Do lip fillers hurt?

The majority of patients experience a tolerable level of discomfort during their treatment. The needles used are very small and the treatment is very quick.

If you were concerned about any potential discomfort then you can choose to have some numbing cream applied to your lips before we start the treatment.

It is worth mentioning that Juvederm also contains Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable.

Why is it important to see a Registered Nurse or Doctor for my treatment?

It is vitally important to ensure your practitioner has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the facial anatomy to ensure that you have a safe and tailored treatment to meet your individual needs.

I only use the latest techniques as taught by the worlds leading expert, Mauricio De Maio. I am fully insured and perform treatment in a safe environment following strict guidelines and procedures.

For something as precious as your face, do you really want to take any risks?

What advice do I need to follow after my injectable treatment?

For both Botox and Fillers I recommend no make up for 12 hours and no alcohol or excessive exercise for 24 hours I would also recommend you avoid excessive hot or cold temperatures and UV exposure for 2 weeks post treatment. Other than this you will be back to your normal life immediately after the treatment.

Every patient will receive an after care leaflet once the treatment is complete, and of course if you had any concerns then I am available by phone or email.

Will I be bruised after the treatment?

As with any injection to the skin, there is always a risk of bruising. However this risk is low and if it does happen it is usually very small and will be easily covered with make up after 12 hours. Typically a bruise will disappear in approximately 3 days.

I am nervous about not getting a result

At your consultation we will discuss the realistic expectations from your treatment and devise a treatment plan specific to your requested results.

As I do the treatment we will continuously check the results in the mirror to ensure you are happy.

Safety is key and I always advocate that less is more.

What if I dont like the results?

I often get asked this question and I can honestly say I have never had anyone say they wish they had never had it done, if anything people will often say they cannot wait to have more!

However, in the very rare event that you do not like the results then you can just wait for the body to breakdown and absorb the product and there is no need to have any ongoing treatment should you choose not to.

How do I avoid the "Trout Pout" or "Duck Lips" ?

I agree that this is not a good or desired result and often occurs when too much product is injected or the fillers are administered into the lips incorrectly. This again shows the importance of choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Successful lip fillers will gently correct loss of volume in the lips and I will always recommend performing the treatment in a staged approach so we build up to your desired results slowly.

I have seen a celebrity with perfect lips, can you give me those?

I often get shown pictures by clients who are seeking to recreate a certain look and of course my aim is to give you the results you crave. However some results are unrealistic based on many factors including your bone structure, ethnicity and age. I will make it clear during a lip filler consultation the results we can expect.

In some cases I may not be able to help you get the look you want if I were to consider it too “extreme” or “unnatural”. I am a professional throughout and will not perform anything that in my opinion was unethical, unprofessional or even dangerous

Do you offer a mobile service for Botox and fillers?

Yes I can come to your chosen location to carry out cosmetic fillers, If this is a service you require then please contact me. My clinic is located in Aston Clinton, Bucks so local towns such as Tring, Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Wendover etc will incur no callout charge. I can travel further afield but this will incur a small mobile service fee.